The Credential that employers recognize, respect and demand.


The AFIA is the world's Largest forensic audit and investigation organization and premier provider of anti-fraud and forensic trainning and education.

Together with our members, the AFIA is providing forensic audit and investigative skills world-wide & inspiring pubic confidence in the integrity and objectivity within the profession.

The Association of Forensic and Investigation Auditors is registered in Canada as Non-Profit Organization Reg No. 001896262 registered office as 803-275 DON MILLS ROAD, NORTH YORK, ON,CA.....

We are proffessionals from forensic audit and investigative fields desirous to offer a platform for energetic and practical professionals to learn the techniques that go beyond the basic knowledge of accounting, auditing and finance. Our vision and mission is to provide execlent opportunities on national and international level to deliver the skills and techniques of forensic and investigative audit for the transparency in audit.



  • Validate and enhance your standing as an advanced audit forensic professional with a comprehensive, credible, international certification.
  • Instill employer confidence in your abilities and expand career opportunities with a credential that confirms your current expertise as well as your capacity to grow and evolve with the forensics industry.
  • Provides the assurance that only come with a credential backed by AFIA, the globally recognized association for forensic audit certification.
  • Perform international forensics investigations, knowing that your CFIA counterparts in other countries operate using a common globally recognized body of knowledge.

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